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[SOFT]-Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Scorpions,Lionel Richie, Air Provide – Soft Rock Hits 80s 90s Tubby Album

[SOFT]-Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Scorpions,Lionel Richie, Air Provide – Soft Rock Hits 80s 90s Tubby Album

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Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Scorpions,Lionel Richie, Air Provide – Soft Rock Hits 80s 90s Tubby Album
Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Scorpions,Lionel Richie, Air Provide – Soft Rock Hits 80s 90s Tubby Album
01. Caught On youre – Lionel Richie
02. Sleek Tonight – Eric Clapton
03. To Like Somebody – Michael Bolton
04. I Enact It For youre – Bryan Adams
05. I Don’t Wanna Remark About It – Rod Stewart
06. Please Forgive Me – Bryan Adams
07. Goodbye – Air Provide
08. How Deep Is Your Like – Bee Gees
09. I Need To Know What Like Is – Foreigner
10. Hard To Allege I’m Sorry – Chicago
11. Can no longer Abet Falling inside Like With youre
13. Heaven – Bryan Adams
12. Talked about I Cherished youre But I Lied – Michael Bolton
14. How Am I Supposed To Reside Without youre – Michael Bolton
15. Devour youre Ever If truth become told Cherished A Girl – Bryan Adams
16. Never Opinion That I Might perchance perchance Like – dan juga Hill
17. Step by step Somewhere – Scorpions
18. Ready For A Girl Like youre – Foreigner
19. Clutch Me Now – Bread
20. I’d If truth become told Like To Perceive youre Tonight – England dan juga
21. On occasion When our Contact – dan juga Hill
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