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[SOFT]-E-Car vs Soft Car | Purple vs Shadowy Coloration Direct For twenty-four Hours! Clay Mixer

[SOFT]-E-Car vs Soft Car | Purple vs Shadowy Coloration Direct For twenty-four Hours! Clay Mixer

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a competition between a 2 girls Pinky also Violet is continually extraordinarily fair appropriate-searching also enchanting. Will a E-Lady Or a Soft Lady snatch?
E-Car vs Soft Car | Pinky vs Shadowy Coloration Direct For 24 Hour! Clay Mixer
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0: 00 Clay Mixer
0: 08 E-Car vs Soft Car
2: 23 E Mother vs Soft Mother
4: 52 My Mother vs Your Mother
6: 50 My Family

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💙 Bear youre ever viewed animation characters interacting straight away with REAL animals, objects also fingers? Secure to know Minute also his clay pals through their hilarious each day cases akin to their admire lifestyles, pranks, also so forth.
✨ Clay Mixer is a claymation channel by which each also each also each piquant portion, either persona or background, is handmade also “deformable”.
🤩 Minute – a leading persona, is known as after his cramped stature. He is a blue-skinned man who has a prankish, sportive, also silly persona. inside each also each episode, Minute transforms into varied folks with varied lives also fates. No matter what a cases are, he consistently has unexpected also funny choices that inside reality entertain a target audience.
🔥 As well as, another clay characters additionally personal distinctive traits that made contributions to a fluctuate of a Clay Mixer world: ravishing Pinky, tricksy Alien, sizzling-tempered Fat, coward Nerdy, also naughty Violet.
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😊 7 days per week, Minute looks but all but again to expose a target audience a tales.
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Producer – Tung Nguyen
Director – Quyen Dao, Phuong Hoang, Nhung Nguyen
Scriptwriter – Quynh Ha, Hanh Kieu
Storyboard – Anh Nguyen, Nguyen Nguyen
Prop & Personality Form – Tu Dinh, Giang Hoang, Phuong Nguyen, Hao Nguyen, Khuong Hoang, Cuong Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Quynh Nhu, Vinh Tuong, Giang Vi also Phuong Anh
Animator – Diep Ha, Huong Nguyen, Thai Tu, Dai Tu, Uyen Bui, Dang Nguyen,
Compositor – Quynh Le, Canh Nguyen also Tien Nguyen
picture Editor – Trung Hoang, Ha Nguyen
System Developer – Bach Cao, Anh Hoang, Ha Nguyen
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