Home Video -【ASMR PRACTICE】 Finance soft-whispering ♥ 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】

[SOFT]-【ASMR PRACTICE】 Finance soft-whispering ♥ 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】

[SOFT]-【ASMR PRACTICE】 Finance soft-whispering ♥ 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】

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Practising soft whispers + RP w/ Finance! ♥


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・GENERAL: #FinanaRyugu / #フィナーナ竜宮
・LIVE: #FinanaLive
・SFW ART: #Finanart / 18+: #Ryugasm
・FAN NAME: #Ryuguards
・MEMES: #Finameme
・GROUP: #LazuLight
・MOON NAME: Dorufin


【Circulate Chat Options】
・become respectful to varied viewers together with myself. Any kinds of discrimination, harassment, drama, doxing (even speculations), also plenty others. are no longer welcome right here.
・No spam or trolling. Accurate block, epic, also ignore those.
・No spoilers please except I request for it!
・Please handle it up-topic with a livestream. No unrelated matters or deepest aspect conversations.
・Attach no longer gift varied VTubers except I gift them first. That entails pointing out me inside varied VTuber’s streams.
・It’s seemingly youre’ll chat inside any language as lengthy as a ideas above are followed.

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【Finana Ryugu フィナーナ・竜宮】 – Me!


【Elira Pendora エリーラ・ペンドラ】


【Pomu Rainpuff ぽむ・ れいんぱふ】



【Official にじさんじ NIJISANJI Web sites】
・Web site: https://www.nijisanji.jp/en
・ANYCOLOR: https://www.anycolor.co.jp/en
・Twitter: https://twitter.com/NIJISANJI_World
・YouTube (EN): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JSeFfovhNsEhftt1WHMvg
・Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nijisanji_en

▽ Steerage for minors


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・BGM – 使用BGMS DOVA-SYNDROME (https://dova-s.jp/) + OtoLogic (https://otologic.jp)
・Emotes – Kairui (https://twitter.com/Kairuichan)
・Alerts – Walfie (https://twitter.com/walfieee)
・Intro/Outro Illustration – Orangesekaii (https://twitter.com/orangesekai1)
・Intro/Outro Animation – KJOEE88 (https://twitter.com/KJOEE88)
・Finana Logo – Pat (https://twitter.com/ssugartype)
・Finana Ryuguard Arm Asset – tsukiiiiii (https://twitter.com/hanbaagaakunkan)
・Ryuguard Plushy Asset – Melonbread (https://twitter.com/MelonbreadFBP)
・ASMR BG Artwork – しはん (https://twitter.com/SyHan__)
・Thumbnail Artwork – すずの (https://twitter.com/EN_10ten)

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