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[ALL]-a Mortuary Assistant | All Endings

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a Mortuary Assistant is a grief, thriller sport a build youre as a mortuary assistant should embalm our bodies. On a another hand, a demon has connected itself to one inside every of three our bodies, also likewise youre will need to solve a thriller as to which physique is a factual one. As a mortuary assistant, youre drain our bodies of blood also fluid, wire jaws shut, establish bodily markings, also construct all issues that a mortuary assistant would construct inside proper lifestyles.

It’s printed on a first evening of your job because a mortuary assistant that this particular facility is disquieted also likewise youre will need to infer which physique is disquieted. As youre development by a embalming activity because a mortuary assistant, youre become triumphant inside clues as to a factual physique also a factual sigils to made employ of to burn a physique also vanquish a demon.

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On this video, all endings of a Mortuary Assistant are shown. Spookypops also reveals a acceptable technique to comprise every of a 5 rather numerous endings.

a predominant ending (1/5) is a first correct ending. This ending is done a first time burn a factual physique a usage of a factual sigils.

a 2nd ending (2/5) is a traditional correct ending that occurs after your first factual ending. This ending is done everytime youre burn a factual physique a usage of a factual sigils.

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a third ending (3/5) to a Mortuary Assistant is a traditional flawed ending that occurs whenever youre both burn a unsuitable physique or employ a unsuitable sigils. a demon hold youre also likewise youre demonically slaughter Raymond.

a fourth ending (4/5) is a basement ending. This ending is done whenever youre salvage correct of entry to a basement a usage of a indispensable key within a embalming room. a code to this key field is found for a length of a haunting scene. While youre hold a indispensable inside your stock to boot to a different Qualified Aged Key found within a a same room, continue outside to a hatch located on a serve of a building. youre are going to peek a basement a build Raymond is keeping a demonically possessed physique as a ability of acquiring fluid. On a tip of this shift, youre will need to burn a factual physique with a factual sigils to attain salvage correct of entry to to this ending.

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a effective ending (5/5) to a Mortuary Assistant is a closure ending a build Rebecca comes to peace alongside with her past. a employ of a sobriety coins located inside her home, youre jam a coins within a hands of a haunting delusion a build Rebecca has been strung up by a noose within a Mortuary corridor. Burn a factual physique with a factual sigils to come serve to peace alongside with your past.

0: 00 1/5 First Staunch Ending
2: 58 2/5 Long-established Staunch Ending
4: 47 3/5 Execrable Ending
6: 40 Sport “Over” Ending
7: 53 4/5 Basement Ending
15: 45 5/5 Closure FinishingConsider Rotund Videos :

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