Home Video -Is That REALLY All Will Smith’s Got?

[ALL]-Is That REALLY All Will Smith’s Got?

[ALL]-Is That REALLY All Will Smith’s Got?

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Will Smith posted a video on Friday with an apology for slapping Chris Rock at a Oscars. How serious became as soon as he? Used to become it a sigh for attend or consideration?

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  1. Oh my Lord WS is pathetic!!!! Don't are attempting Will . . . appropriate call to mind your self as a P-O-SAll that acknowledged, I don't know Brett, however don't you think in regards to the total slap element was as soon as SO staged? I don't know what Leftist message they were giving because my thoughts isn't that warped . . . however absolutely there was as soon as intent within the succor of this BS . . .

  2. a word of warning – Because Will is exhibiting severe terror factors I don now not imply attacking his integrity. Society crucifies males for being males – we salvage mad we mess up. He apologized spin on. if we press him too onerous – Will would possibly well turn to addictive issues cherish alcohol and pills; Or suicide. And Im now not talking about Will; Im talking about millions of males who take care of this. forgive and neglect

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